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Just across the Dutch border, right in the middle of National park 'De Kempen' is where you can find a rare horse breed. That is, rare in Europe. Gaited horses are very popular in the United States. Smooth gaits, a docile temperament and very versatile. Those are just a view advantages of a gaited horse. 

A Dutch proverb says: "Unknown makes unbeloved". It seems like this is also happening with a less popular horse breeds. I'd like to take the challenge to change this... 

Pleasure Gaits has been established to promote the Tennessee Walking Horse and other gaited breeds all over the European continent. Sandra van den Hof is one of the few Tennessee Walker breeders in Europe. Based in Belgium, Pleasure Gaits promotes, imports, breeds, trains, and sells Tennessee Walking Horses with old bloodlines for what they are originally bred for. Sandra is a Centered Riding© Instructor Level II as well as a lifelong horse enthusiast. At Pleasure Gaits, she combined both of those passions to help others enjoy their horses.

A strong advocate for humane treatment of horses, Sandra has cared most of her life for animals who needed special care or attention. Sandra's interest in horsemanship developed as a result of her work to help improve the plight of show horses. What began as a commitment to the simple respectful treatment of horses became a dedication to teaching horses and riders to enjoy each other without artificial barriers. The positive training methods at Pleasure Gaits are applicable to any breed of horse, any age rider, and any riding style. All you need is an open heart.


Sandra’s former career in Marketing and Communication came in handy when professionalizing her horse hobby. She has been a founding member of the Heritage Walking Horse Society based in the US, preserving the Walking Horse with old bloodlines, conformation, gaits and disposition it has been originally bred for. She organized clinics and the European Championships during her 3 year term on the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' and Exhibitors' Association. Co-founding Natural Walking Horses in Europe for the welfare of the Walking Horse in 2006 was only the next logical step to take.


Sandra was the first European licensed TWHBEA Instructor, passing her test in Tennessee in 2004. She finished her Centered Riding® Instructors training in 2006 and gives riding lessons and workshops using the Centered Riding Technique combined with her Tennessee Walking Horses. She started to import Specialized Saddles from the USA, promoting and selling saddles with an adjustable fit. In 2007 she followed the EAGALA fundamentals part I and a training with Chris Irwin to further evolve in assisting clients in their journey towards awareness and personal growth. 2008 was the year Elizabeth Graves set foot on European grounds invited by Pleasure Gaits, host of clinic 'Understanding Gaited Horses'. Click here for a complete overview of all workshops and education.

Take your time and surf around. When interested you're just one phone call or email away from meeting our horses in person. In case you decide to purchase a Tennessee Walker, we are always willing to help finding you the horse that meets your profile and inform you about how to ride this gaited horse. Feel free to download our flyer here.


Pleasure Gaits is a proud co-founder of  the TWH Heritage Society (USA) and Natural Walking Horses (Europe):